Wednesday, February 9, 2011


OK, I'm off the fence: I have begun the process of establishing an official Kokopelli Trail race. In deference to those people who still want to hold outlaw races, I'm not going to reuse the "Kokopelli Trail Race" name, so this race will be called something different. For now, I'm thinking that LokoKoko is amusing and seems to fit the bill nicely. Maybe Lokopelli?

But regardless of the name, here's the scoop:
  1. The race will adhere, as much as possible, to a non-commercial ethos. I'm not in this to make money, or to make money for anyone else. Any potential entry fees will simply cover necessary costs like insurance, etc.
  2. This race will be about having fun. Therefore, I will work with the BLM to guarantee that the race is fully legal, 'cause getting ticketed isn't fun.
  3. COPMOBA and the BLM deserve huge kudos for establishing the Kokopelli Trail, so this race will honor them in some fashion (TBD).
  4. The first race will occur in 2012.
  5. I will establish a site that provides more details in the next few months.
  6. I welcome input and suggestions, especially the positive and creative variety!


  1. That sounds great! Have you seen the Desert RATS race ..

    Not a full Kokopelli trail race but it might be worth talking to them about permitting and such.

  2. Cool, that looks like a fun race. Thanks!