Monday, January 10, 2011

Colorado Trail Guidebook and Waypoints Updated!

Last year, I purchased the excellent Colorado Trail waypoints from Bear Creek Survey. In addition to uploading the file to my GPS, I also added them to my printed maps. Combined with Stefan's excellent track files, it was pretty cool to have so much information available at the touch of a button (and the turn of a page).

In light of the new Colorado Trail Guidebook (and presumably Data Book) coming out in a bit, I checked with Bear Creek to see if the waypoint file is also changing--and indeed it is. New files should be available to purchase in a "couple of weeks."

Information on the updated Colorado Trail Guidebook:

Bear Creek Survey:

While on the subject of spending money: If you are planning on riding the CTR this summer, please make a donation to the Colorado Trail Foundation. The trail is an amazing resource, and the Foundation could really use some extra cash to buy new tools, chainsaw oil, etc. Compared the the money that we spend on bikes, gear, food, etc., donating $50-100 to maintain the trail is a bargain!


  1. COOL, Toby and CTR fans. We'll be out there again this summer with our volunteers maintaining The Colorado Trail. Your support much needed and appreciated. Thanks,

    Bill Manning, The Colorado Trail Foundation

  2. Hey, I really enjoyed all of you posts on the CTR.The insight on the trail and what went on in your mind was a really good read and I will make sure to take these in to check if i decide to race it this year.
    As i said I'm thinking about doing the CTR this year and was wondering how you got back to the trailhead at the start of the race. I assume you had someone pick you up, but do you know of any transportation services or carpooling that a 19 year old racer could jump on? Any information would be great!
    Thanks and keep up the hard work as I am hoping for a 6-8 day race as well. In fact i don't have a choice because i have to be in Utah the 10th.

  3. Hi Lucas,
    Thanks for the kind words!
    My wonderful wife picked me up in Durango at the end of the race. If we have an empty seat and the timing works out this year, we'd be happy to give you a ride. As far as other transportation services, I thing that Greyhound ( runs from Durango to Denver, which might be a workable option.
    It'll be fun meeting you out there. There are often a few pre-race gatherings closer to August, so maybe we can meet before the race too!

  4. Hey Toby,
    Thanks for the information and offer. Of course, depending upon finish times, it would be awesome if i could keep pace with you guys out there.
    I have a few more questions about the race and other points of interest.
    1. Would it be safe to leave a truck at the trail head?
    2. Ill be leaving the 24th of July possibly and arriving in Utah on the 25th. Is 6 days enough time to get properly acclimatized to the altitude? I don't see this as too big of a problem because i rode for a day in 10-14 thousand foot elevations last year without being in elevations above 1,000 feet.
    3. How much Riding do you do a week? Is it mainly road or a mixture of road and singletrack? I'm lucky to have 20 miles of singletrack here to help me somewhat.
    4. Do they give out SPOTS at the race start or earlier.
    Once again, thanks for answering my questions!

  5. Hi Lucas, answers below:
    1. Unfortunately, I wouldn't recommend leaving your car at that specific trailhead. Kind of a rough area; you might get your windows smashed in. I've got a buddy who lives in Denver who might be able to give you a ride, since he's planning on cheering everyone on at the departure.
    2. Six days riding up high should be good, especially since you seem to have decent genes for altitude. Ride high, just don't push too hard too close to the race.
    3. Since I don't have much spare time, most of my training takes place commuting on the road to work-- about 75-150 miles per week. I also run 2-3 times per week, about 10 to 20 miles per week. I do get out on the trails a bit, but mostly to practice my technical skills. Note that I'm not a fast CTR racer, so don't follow my lead if you want to go fast! If you want a regimented training plan, check out:
    4. will have rental Spots available, probably for about $30. Information is usually posted on the forum a few weeks away from the race.
    On that note, definitely check out the forums on if you haven't already. Lots of excellent information there from people who are way more qualified than me.
    Good questions--sounds like you are planning well. The CTR is an amazing adventure!

  6. Ok, i will definitely take your advice and not leave my truck there.
    On that note, if i do need a ride, i will take you up on the possibility of your friend being able to give me a ride. If so, is there room for my truck to sit outside for a week or two? If we can make this work i would gladly pay for gas and breakfast, anything to repay the favor.
    I plan to ride up to 12,000 feet in the Wasatch Range in Utah about 6 days before the race.
    Your training is very similar to mine and i commute to school on bike as well, rain or shine, freezing or scorching hot out. I also plan to do plenty of single track when the trails open here (which are the closest ill get till the end of July)
    Again Toby, thanks for answering my questions as your answers are indispensable to me.

  7. Hey i forgot to ask you what your take is on Trail GPS. Is it a necessary or a perk to have?

  8. Hi Lucas. I'll check with my friend about the ride and parking.
    A GPS is a good idea, but it's not necessary. The Colorado Trail is very well marked, and the wilderness bypasses are fairly simple. But a GPS does make navigation a good bit simpler and safer. For example, I rode the Cataract section at night (in the rain), and I needed my GPS to find my way. Without it, I would have ended up bivying at 12,000 feet that night--which would have been uncomfortable, but still safe since I packed enough warm gear.
    It sounds like you already have them, but make sure that your outdoor-living skills are solid. It can snow, sleet, and hail on the Colorado Trail--and it did all of those things (and more!) last year!

  9. I plan to have some sort of GPS system with me just in case, whether it be Accuterra on my Iphone or an actual handheld GPS.
    I read that you own a Cannondale as well, what model? Mine is a Flash 29er hardtail.
    Ill keep in touch as the race comes closer, thanks for all the help so far Toby.

  10. 2011 Cannondale RZ 120-1 this year.

  11. Nice bike, glad to know i will not be the only one with a lefty shock on the course this year!
    Since you got this model,i am wondering how panniers will workout with the bike. Modifications?

  12. Old Man Mountain makes a rack that works on full-suspension bikes, so I'll buy one from them if I decide to use panniers. But I'm still not totally settled on panniers yet--I really need to pack up my "new" kit to see if I it is small enough to avoid both a pack and panniers!