Monday, January 9, 2012

Colorado Trail Race: GPS/GPX Tracks and Waypoints

Edit: July 17, 2018: This is the same track as last year. No changes required for the 2018 race!

Click here for the official Colorado Trail Race website.

With Jerry Brown's generous permission (Bear Creek Survey), I have added his waypoints to my GPX file. These waypoints are the same that ones that are used in the Colorado Trail Data Book (6th Edition), and the Official Colorado Trail Guidebook (10th Edition), which makes finding water, etc. far easier. Please note that the waypoints from Jerry Brown's file are coded to make them shorter and easier to read. For the key, please buy a copy of the Colorado Trail Data Book (6th Edition)--not only will you have a amazing on-trail guidebook, but you'll also be supporting the great folks who make the Colorado Trail possible. Last, but not least, visit Jerry's page at, and click his "donate" button to buy him a beer or six. Thanks! 

Simply right-click to download the file, unzip, and enjoy.

Download Toby's 2017 CTR Track.

Note: This version also includes a GPX file for the optional Leadville bypass.

If you have questions, discover any errors, etc., please post a comment below or contact me offline. Thanks!

Disclaimer: I'm posting my personal CTR GPX file simply as an additional planning and research tool for your enjoyment, comparison, etc. It may contain huge errors that send you over treacherous cliffs to your premature death. Use at your own risk. Have fun, and be careful out there!